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SMOz is a simple tool that allows you to customize your Windows Start menu
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SMOz, acronym of Organize Start Menu, is a simple tool that allows you to edit, and therefore to customize, your system's Windows Start menu. This application allows you to add, edit or remove items, and sort them, to fit the start menu to your style.

Its main window is divided in two sections: the left pane shows you the default and customized categories, whereas the right pane shows you the start menu items. All you have to do is drag and drop each of this right side items on the desired category in the left pane. Then, you click on the Application Changes item in the tools menu, and your system's Start menu will show you the aforementioned categories, each including only the items you placed in it.

If for any reason, you usually are installing and uninstalling programs, this results in a huge mess in your system’s Start menu, since usually all programs create folders there. In addition, Windows has a peculiar form of "ordering" all the Start Menu in a "complete mess". All you can do in the Windows start menu options is to use the "Sort by Name " option, which sorts alphabetically all content.

Well, this application lets you keep your Start menu fairly well organized by category. SMOz is a software released under GNU / GPL license that allows you to organize an easy way (drag and drop).

If you have different kinds of applications (Internet, games, office, etc.), this utility will be useful to keep your Start menu ordered, which translates in faster and smoothly running system. Similarly you can create, modify or delete folders and shortcuts to your liking, so you get the outcome you want.

Sergio A. Durán
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